Reebok RIBCOR: The complete package

Ah yes…Reebok. The brand that makes running shoes and Pump skates right? Your eyes do not deceive you. Receiving top honors in a stick comparison might be unfamiliar territory for Reebok, and perhaps the public at large, but we see it as a long time coming.

This is a brand that’s been steadily building its image through fresh ideas and strong product showings for the past few years, from skates to protective to, yes, sticks.

Reebok is clearly finding its stride and the 2013 RIBCOR is just the latest example. This is their top offering and a crucial step in their growth.

Easton S19

If you have $240 to spend on a hockey stick look no further than the S19. With its steep price tag, the S19 delivers arguably the best performance of any stick on the market. Its elliptical taper creates a fast whippy release. S19 will improve any players shot and release. The sticks also offers control and feel that rivals most sticks on the market. The S19 is very light and can perform for danglers, snipers, or even big shooters. One of the most complete sticks on the market.

Bauer One95

Engineered and refined to deliver explosive one-timers and scorching slap shots, the Supreme One95 stick is built for the strong and powerful. Designed to withstand maximum loading, it delivers pure power in each and every shot. With its low-mid flex and a torsionally stiff lower third, the overall design creates more energy transfer per shot, resulting in greater velocity.

Features provided by Bauer

Bauer X60

The new Vapor X:60 stick is designed with Intelli-Sense Shot Technology that senses shot type and adapts its flex profile to maximize loading and energy transfer on either wrist or slap shots. Add the Pure Shot Blade Profile for improved accuracy, Monocomp Technology for optimized balance and feel and Bauer's exclusive light weight TeXtreme carbon fiber construction and you have Bauer's smartest scoring machine to date.

Features provided by Bauer:

Reebok 808

Reebok’s 808 O-stick is unlike any other hockey stick on the market. The 808 features what Reebok refers to as power ports. Power ports are holes or arches in the lower portion of the shaft. These holes are meant to reduce air resistance, thus giving the player a faster stick speed and harder shot. The O-stick also has Pure Fiber Technology™ which are individual carbon fibers that run through the shaft straight down to the blade for maximum energy transfer. The stick also has a Griptonite proprietary grip coating which enhances control for better reaction speed.

Reebok 10k

The 10K offers a lightweight durable stick, built for maximum control and feel. The 10K was made for the dangler, while the 808 is built for the sniper. Explosive kick now combined with lethal control. The 10K features Sickick II Technology™ that combines the fast release of the original Sickick with a new matrix fiber construction. The newly added matrix construction increases shaft stability and reduces blade deformation for ultimate control and precision. Add the new Pure Fiber Technology™ and new Blade Control Technology to feel the explosive control.

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